About Elin AB and comics...

I make illustrations, 2D animations, comicstrips, storybords and more. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to contact me.
I have studied at a swedish film and animationschool called Diagonalakademin.( www.diagonalakademin.se )

When I started drawing comics i did it for my own sake, but now I think the most fun part is when people are reading them. I mostly draw longer comics, where the caracters evolve and change after going through things. After a while they become alive and you cant control them anymore... (so its not my fault if they do something stupid!)

I think people can recognise themselfs in my comics, whether the caracters are humans or horses. The stories I write are a mix of drama, comedy, action, and so on. I want them to be unpredictable and easy to read with a good flow. Some of them takes place in modern times, others in past history, some is about ordinary life and some about adventures. I put a lot of time and thought into my stories, they are as important as the pictures.

Going Chrono is my longest comic so far, about sixhundred pages and still ongoing! Mind Games Friends play is a comic based on a written role playing game between me and a friend.